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Outbound™ is a trusted advisory, Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), Google Partner and has plans to expand to Amazon AWS, we deliver expertise in cloud-based services, products and solutions to businesses in the UK and abroad. Our mission is to build a cloud agnostic partner and revolutionise the way businesses use their technology to help them transition to the cloud, enabling remote, flexible, secure and more collaborative working.

Stop paying for on-premise and heavily managed IT services and embrace the Cloud’s affordability and security instead. Cloud can be expensive if not architected and managed correctly.

Cloud services are now the standard way to hold and manage data securely. Cloud services appear to be easy to set up, manage, and offer great value, however if not designed correctly can be expensive. What is PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, what are the benefits and advantages of different cloud solutions, how do you migrate workloads to the cloud or even operate in a Hybrid architecture. We have a number of “as a service” modules that are available quickly, are easy to deploy, and provide full-service level agreements and data sovereignty.

“We subscribed to Outbound™ Cloud services to support our critical applications, and right from the word go, they delivered services surpassing our expectations. We would summarise our total experience with Outbound™ as exemplary.”

– Outbound™ Client

Outbound™ Cloud Experts

Microsoft 365 + Azure

As Microsoft Silver Partners, and Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, we provide support every step of the way, empowering individuals in an organisation to achieve more in the modern workplace. All our cloud solutions are tried, tested and vetted by us and in use with our clients. We understand what it takes to operate within a Multi-Cloud environment and have designed best of breed services that are easy to set up, administer, scale and integrate into your platforms.With minimal disruption, we set everything up seamlessly in the Microsoft Cloud with minimal effort on your part.

We can supply a range of Microsoft 365 services to you. From supplying monthly, quarterly, and annual licenses to a range of low-cost add-on’s for management of your 365, backups of your Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and email data and help to design, build and support your Microsoft Azure solutions. We can also offer services via the Microsoft MarketPlace to purchase services directly with Microsoft.

Microsoft 365

Did you know Microsoft 365 have over 15 different services and solutions in their 365 stack? Are you getting the most out of your investment in these services? Do you know of new services that Microsoft release regularly? These are just some of the benefits of changing your Office 365 subscription to Outbound™
Collaboration, flexibility, and integrated working. Microsoft Office 365 is always up to date, and it offers productivity tools, like Outlook and Excel, to help you solve real-world problems. In order to migrate to Microsoft 365, our team will gain an in-depth understanding of your current environment and requirements. As part of the migration process, we will engage a migration specialist to work with you, and our team will continue to work with you by providing services such as training on Microsoft 365 to empower your team to take advantage of the additional value and products that are available.
More on Microsoft 365

Microsoft Azure

Our Cloud experts will set up a flexible pay-per-use model and help you manage and deploy your applications on a secure global network. Outbound™ utilises the Microsoft Azure cloud platform where appropriate, to complement or even replace on-premise servers or cloud-based hosting. Utilising Microsoft’s large-scale investment in a stable, secure cloud platform, we help reduce technology risk and improve operational stability for technology solutions. More on Azure

“We subscribed to Outbound™ Cloud services to support our critical applications, and right from the word go, they delivered services surpassing our expectations. We would summarise our total experience with Outbound™ as exemplary.”

– Outbound™ Client


Take space within our fully-managed data centres and build your own private cloud – or let us do it for you. We partner with a UK-only hosting provider that gives us the ability to design closed private clouds to run your infrastructure on, virtualised (VMWARE and Hyper-V) or non-virtualised. These cloud services can be purchased on a monthly and annual basis to truly configure it for your needs.

Cloud Desktops

Full cloud-based desktops designed for anywhere, anytime access, this service is ideal for a remote workforce or where there is a demand to give a large number of people quick access to machines for a set period of time.

Cloud As A Service – Cloud Implementation Solutions

Cloud as a Service (CaaS) is the utilisation of Cloud services consumed and paid for on a subscription or pay-per-use basis. As-a-Service solutions provide on-demand access to IT Infrastructure. Our services are designed to provide easy, affordable access to applications and resources, without the need for internal infrastructure or hardware.


This is designed for your infrastructure whether this is on-premise, in your data centres or even in your Infrastructure-as-a-Service. We offer this not only in UK and EU based regions, but globally, allowing you the choice of your data sovereignty. We provide these in two models self-managed by your internal teams or managed by us (still with the visibility to allow you access). We even provide software to back up your employees’ desktops and laptops directly to the Cloud.

Office 365, G-Suite and Salesforce Backup-as-a-Service

Did you know that these vendors do not have to keep your deleted data, and most will remove your deleted data after 30+ days? Therefore, it is critical that your cloud services have in place a business continuity plan and archiving plans. What happens if someone leaves your company and deletes their Teams or OneDrive or SharePoint data? You need the ability to recall and recover this data quickly and efficiently. We offer managed and self-managed solutions within multiple global regions to store your data on a one-month, 12-month, and unlimited retention basis at very competitive prices. We can arrange all of these services in just a few minutes and ensure your cloud data is fully backed up.


Fully or self-managed data recovery solutions that allow near-time replication of your environment direct to a cloud environment without the need for expensive disaster recovery data centres or offsite locations. This can be taken in conjunction with the Backup-as-a-Service solutions or as a stand-alone solution both for full data centres, small branch offices or hosted infrastructure. The benefit of this service means you do not need to provide the disaster recovery environment – this is done for you. Agents can also be deployed onto important desktops or executive laptops to recover these in the event of a disaster incident.

Customer Focus

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, they rely on us for reliable, fast, secure and professional service. We are a trusted advisor for a wide spectrum of industries in the UK public and private sector, and clients across multiple industries vouch for our customer-first mindset. As Microsoft Partners, with multiple industry accolades and certifications, Outbound™ is trusted for the quality of our service because operational excellence underpins everything we do.
Our engineers are trained to the highest technical standards and work to our own industry-leading service level agreement (SLA).

The difference between us and other IT companies is the way technology is vetted and we recommend only the best products and solutions. Based on these needs, we advise on how they can streamline, enhance, or adapt their IT to meet the needs of their business. We believe that doing what’s right for your business, rather than what technology prescribes, is the key to building trust and delivering success.

“Outbound™ has provided extremely valuable strategic guidance on our cloud journey, something which I, as CIO, was struggling to navigate.”

– Outbound™ UK Client

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