Outbound™ IT Department – How can we help your business?

We do not consider ourselves as “Outsourced or Co-sourced” IT partners, we want to know as an extension to your business, as your “Virtual IT Department”. Outbound™ gives your business the support it needs to succeed and grow with timely and reliable managed services. Improve the agility and scalability of your IT to deliver the best possible service to your customers with our help. Rapid technical support lets you focus on what you do best while reducing client downtime.

Outbound™ is an extension of your IT department. And if you don’t have one, we can be yours!

It is very important to be at the heart of your business, to be part of your business and understand your challenges and goals, this is where we differ from the traditional “outsourced” model. We pride ourselves on knowing your business, your people and your teams and not be considered as an outsourcer.

Having first hand experience being a customer of many “outsourced” or “co-sourced” models we know the frustration of calling a support team that do not know you, your VIP’s, your teams or even your technology and application estate. Outbound™ is different and is disrupting this space by providing a true Virtual IT Department.

Here at Outbound™, companies can get the support and solutions they need to improve their operations – whether they are seeking a trusted technology partner, or an expert C-suite resource.


  • Poor IT Support?
  • Is your IT over-complicated and time-consuming to manage?
  • Do you experience system downtime?
  • Have you compromised or lost client and company data?

Outbound™ has been revolutionising the way businesses use their technology to gain true value from IT.

Outbound™ Managed IT Services

Fully Managed IT

In most cases, IT support is provided through managed services. When your server goes down or you need help troubleshooting software, you can reach us 24x7x365.

Our Managed Services include regular maintenance to keep things running smoothly. If you require a managed service or outsourced IT team, we offer a number of defined solutions that can be customised according to your business needs, in-house capabilities, and budget.

We are passionate about solving problems, and we have extensive experience across all major vendors, products and technologies to provide efficient solutions.


Day-to-day Maintenance

We provide routine maintenance and updates, and options on 8×5 or 24x7x365 support onsite for a multitude of hardware and software platforms with guaranteed response times. We make sure your technology is protected against security problems and slowed down by outdated applications.


We provide global 24×7×365 Service Desk, onsite teams or centralised virtual teams comprising technical support teams and field-based hardware maintenance technicians on standby. If your login isn’t working or hardware won’t connect, we are available remotely or can visit you in person to solve the problem, giving you the confidence that we can ensure your technology is running smoothly.

Network Administration & Maintenance

We can set up an entire network and maintain it for you, taking care of the operational side, with dedicated network managers to ensure optimal performance.

Network Monitoring

We monitor your network 24×7 for any problems. Even a small shutdown can result in major expenses for your business, so rely on us for consistent monitoring to prevent disruptions and downtime.

Virtual IT Director

Maintaining your business strategy and managing risk requires an IT strategy. Using a Virtual IT Director, we can design a custom technology strategy to assist your business in achieving its objectives.

IT Security

Every business needs strong security, and our managed services can set up robust security systems on your network. Cyber security is no longer an optional extra; it is essential to educate your users, to keep your systems protected, and to plan for possible breaches. Our solutions cover everything a business needs to operate in today’s cyber-risk environment, from mitigation to detection and response.

Data Backup

This is designed for your infrastructure whether this is on-premise, in your data centres or even in your Infrastructure-as-a-Service. We offer this not only in UK and EU based regions, but globally, allowing you the choice of your data sovereignty. We provide these in two models self-managed by your internal teams or managed by us (still with the visibility to allow you access). We even provide the software to back up your staff’s desktops and laptops directly to the cloud.

Office 365, G-Suite and Salesforce Backup

Did you know that these vendors do not have to keep your deleted data, and most will remove your deleted data after 30+ days? Therefore, it is critical to have correct business continuity plan and archiving plans in place for your cloud services. What happens if someone leaves your company and deletes their Teams or OneDrive or SharePoint data? You need the ability to recall and recover this data quickly and efficiently. We offer managed and self-managed solutions within multiple global regions to store your data on a one-month, 12-month, and unlimited retention basis at very competitive prices. We can arrange these services in a matter of minutes, ensuring your cloud services and data is always backed up.

Disaster Recovery

Fully or self-managed data recovery solutions that allow near-time replication of your environment direct to a cloud environment without the need for expensive disaster recovery data centres or offsite locations. This can be taken in conjunction with the Backup-as-a-Service solutions or as a stand-alone solution both for full data centres, small branch offices or hosted infrastructure. The benefit of this service means you do not need to provide the disaster recovery environment – this is done for you. Agents can also be deployed onto important desktops or executive laptops to recover these in the event of a disaster incident.

Unified Communications

Unified communications combines a variety of communication methods into one streamlined approach. By combining office phones, cellphones, instant messenger, emails and voicemails, you can have a more productive, simplified way of reaching employees and clients. We can take care of all your needs to move you to the modern workplace, including setup and maintenance.

Professional Managed Service

Professional services are more of an on-demand solution than managed services. Outbound™ professionals may be contracted for one-off projects or short-term changes within a business.


Outbound™ Consultants can provide suggestions to prevent costly losses caused by ill-informed vendor purchase decisions or system design and architecture strategies. We frequently work with businesses to find the best solutions and offer expert advice.


Cloud Migration

Migration to the cloud of a whole system can be difficult and beyond the capabilities of small businesses. Outbound™ Professional services can step in and take care of the whole process. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from transferring data to the cloud, which is often cheaper than onsite storage. Scalability, seamless integration, networking and security improvements are a few of the ways that our cloud services can help businesses – whether cloud, hybrid or on-site.



The process of deploying new hardware or software can be complicated, involving many moving parts. Our Professional Services bring in the experts to take care of these rollouts. By installing and configuring new solutions, we can help businesses move efficiently and avoid unnecessary snags during the transition.


Advanced Troubleshooting

Some issues are beyond the abilities of an in-house team. If an issue exceeds your capabilities, professional services can step in and help. You can utilise Outbound’s™ Professional Services on an on-demand basis as tech support.

Customer Focus

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, they rely on us for reliable, fast, secure and professional service. We are a trusted advisor for a wide spectrum of industries in the UK public and private sector, and clients across multiple industries vouch for our customer-first mindset. As Microsoft Partners, with multiple industry accolades and certifications, Outbound™ is trusted for the quality of our service because operational excellence underpins everything we do.

“Outbound™ stood out from the start because of how professional they looked and sounded. The website was great, and we received several phone calls that proved to be very helpful. I had thought we only needed someone to “fix” things, but we have advanced far beyond my expectations. I would absolutely recommend Outbound™ – they were transparent from the start, and they met all our needs.”

– Outbound™ UK Client

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