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Organisations are increasingly seeking technology assurance solutions that can add real value to their operations while ensuring the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of their information. Our management team has an average of over 18 years of experience in IT audit and risk management, focused on helping clients reduce risk while increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

Accredited Engineers, Risk & Security Consultants

Our team of accredited engineers and security consultants provide businesses with:

  • IT Audit & Risk Assessment services
  • IT Strategy Assessment services
  • IT Maturity Assessment services
  • IT Risk Consultancy services

Our service enables senior management to view IT Risk Management as a valuable asset and future-proof their infrastructure.

Outbound™ is a trusted advisory and consultancy that provides high performance solutions and breakthrough technology to businesses in the UK and abroad. Our mission is to revolutionise the way businesses use their technology to help them gain true value from their IT.

Outbound™ IT Risk Services

IT Audit & Risk Assessment

Organisations in today’s technology-driven world are exposed to many different security risks that need to be mitigated by implementing adequate internal controls. Moreover, organizations must comply with a variety of industry regulations and frameworks.

The Outbound™ IT Audit and Risk Assessment is a very detailed examination of technology, controls, and policies/procedures to identify gaps and areas of risk. The assessment breaks down the risk probability and impact of individual risks, and maps those risks to specific IT security and compliance regulations and frameworks.

At the end of the engagement, we will develop a detailed written report that outlines the following:


Compliance requirement or security control in question


How your organisation compares to that compliance requirement or control objective


An assessment that illustrates the gap between the requirements and your current controls


Risk mitigation strategy that is clear and actionable

Organisations should conduct a risk assessment at least yearly or whenever there have been significant changes to their IT environment, such as the addition or removal of hardware and/or software.

IT Maturity Assessment

There are many organisations that go through periods of rapid and unmanaged growth, and IT departments can struggle to keep up. The growth of technology isn’t always planned. Instead, it tends to happen organically, as a reaction to the needs of new customers or to the availability of new technologies.

IT Maturity Assessments are required when an organisation pauses to ask whether what they are doing is sustainable. It is important to understand how technology is used within the workplace and know if all departments understand their responsibilities. Using this type of assessment it can help identify how each section of the company is aware of cyber security, data security, data classification, data leakage, supplier management, workforce management or training and how this is administered and if there are training gaps within a department.

Our expertise at Outbound™ is supported by a deep understanding of the fact that IT is not only about process, tools, technology and business systems, but also about people.

Our IT Maturity Assessment will:


Analyse benchmark data and find out how your organisation compares to others in your industry


Get an overview of the current maturity and health of your IT environment


Establish a priority list of customised initiatives to improve your IT operations


Provide alternative resourcing options to address emerging technologies, customer demands, regulatory requirements, and security threats

This assessment focuses on 10 core domains under the Cyber Security Capability Maturity Model (C2M2):

  • Asset, change and configuration management
  • Identity and access management
  • Threat and vulnerability management
  • Situational awareness
  • Information sharing and communication
  • Event and incident management, continuity of operations
  • Supply chain and external dependencies management
  • Workforce management
  • Cyber security programme management

How it works:

We conduct an informal interview-based session looking at policy owners, the people that carry out those policies and the senior management who agree and sign off the policies. The report follows the C2M2 which is a standard framework and methodology that assesses an organisation’s approach to cyber security. The outputs of the assessment provide a valuable foundation if you are considering adopting one of the many formal information security standards such as ISO 27001 or the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, as the content of C2M2 correlates well with these other standards.

IT Strategy Assessment

Our IT Strategy Assessments help organisations develop a more precise and actionable business strategy. Throughout each of your departments, we track, monitor, and evaluate various IT processes based on our independent IT evaluation process, which includes qualitative and quantitative data.

This helps us understand the return on investment of various IT initiatives and how existing technology can be leveraged to support the organisation’s short- and long-term objectives. By analysing this data, we are able to identify the most pertinent of the company’s IT challenges and develop technologies for developing transformational business solutions for people, processes, and systems.

From strength to strength with Outbound™

By working with Outbound™, we will help your organisation refine its IT systems and processes while helping to strengthen the skills of your employees. T

The IT Risk Consulting services we provide will drastically improve your company’s IT efficiency and effectiveness, reducing the time it will take to achieve its goals.

“Outbound™ stood out from the start because of how professional they looked and sounded. The website was great, and we received several phone calls that proved to be very helpful. I had thought we only needed someone to “fix” things, but we have advanced far beyond my expectations. I would absolutely recommend Outbound™ – they were transparent from the start, and they met all our needs.”

– Outbound™ UK Client

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